Broker Portal

The 2007 Market Strategic Claims Review, which led to the  Claims Transformation Programme (CTP) identified a strong appetite for enhancing the quality of claims data provided.

In response to continued market demand, in 2012 Lloyd’s agreed to commence a project that would develop a series of changes to existing market claim systems that would improve the quality of claims data entered by brokers.

What is the Broker Portal?

The web-enabled interface through which brokers input claims data. The Broker Portal project includes several changes to market systems:

Document Management Service (DMS): A new user facility for brokers that provides improved document upload, handling and validation functionality with the aim of decreasing errors associated with document submissions.

Single sign-on (SSO): Will provide users with seamless interaction between CLASS, IMR and DMS by removing need to log onto these systems separately.

Validation to original signing number and date (OSND) & unique market reference (UMR) data fields: Improved system validation with the aim of reducing the number of errors associated with the completion of these critical fields.

Managing emails and attachments: New user interface in DMS that will enable users to upload emails, automatically extract all attachments and then provide them with the option of selecting/deselecting those to be uploaded to the IMR.

Why enhance the Broker Portal?

Market data indicates that each query on a claims transaction takes on average 21.8 days to resolve.

The Broker Portal aims to both:

Improve the quality of claims information being submitted and reduce the number of queries raised.Improve the ease and efficiency of system use for brokers. 

The anticipated impact of this is a reduction in the frictional costs associated with claims handling and provide improved customer experience of the claims handling process in the Lloyd’s market.

To whom will these changes be applicable?

As the name suggests, the system directly impacts areas of the market claim systems that are accessed by brokers. Existing carrier functions within these systems will not be affected.

However the benefits will be reaped by brokers, carriers and customers of the Lloyd’s market.

When will it be available?

From Monday 15 July 2013.

Documents Relating to Broker Portal

Below you will find a link to Xchanging document store.

To access the repository please use your SSO/ECF2 log on and password. Brokers please contact the Xchanging service centre if you require assistance in obtaining a SSO profile for the purposes of accessing the document repository.