Raise a Change Request

To raise a change request simply  click here and complete the online form.

A change request can be raised by any individual of an organisation who would like to see a change made to current system functionality or processes to enhance the use of the IMR/ECF/ECF2 and its components.

The information provided on the form will be included within the Change Request log that is put forward for consideration by the ECF user group.

Please find the current and full Change Request log attached below:

ECF2 Change Request Log 20140324

Please also find below the current Top 10 Change Request log and high level CR forms. The Top 10 have been nominated and prioritised by the ECF User Group.

CR Top 10 Forms – Master List and Contact Details

**ECF2 Change Request Update – March 2014**

4 of the 5 highlighted ECF2 change requests were implemented on March 15th. These changes are listed below:

CR032 – Read only access to ECF2

Allowing organisations to request a read-only licence to ECF2, useful for auditors and third partys. You will find a read-only form on the following page

CR067 – Retention of UMR / UCR search results

Allowing a UMR and UCR previously entered within the search area to be retained.

CR074 – Ability to stay in an actioned claim (UCR)

Allowing an adjuster to remain within the UCR after submission of a response, which helps to obtain claim details easily or access a parallel UCR.

CR087 – Warning message for 15 line narrative within Public & Private comments

Providing a line counter and warning pop-up when nearing the maximum 15 line narrative for Lloyd’s and ILU buereau.

CR054 – Send Link functionaility in ECF2 (currently available in ECF)

This change was excluded from the release as it prompts dual ECF2 access which can cause issues when responding to a claim. Dual ECF2 access has a resolution date in June, which will allow this change to be implemented into a later 2014 release.

The larger change requests for 2014 are Write Back and a Binder Solution. An initial workshop has been held on Write Back, a Binder workshop is to be arranged in the near future.