The ‘Technical’ area of the website gives you guidance and access to functional specification, business requirement and user guide documents for each component of ECF. Allowing business users, operational and I.T staff to fully understand the working of ECF and its components.

Any change requests which have been approved and since ‘gone live’ have relating functional specification and user guide documents attached to each component that the change request relates to.

You can use the left bar to navigate through the ECF component headers. Within each component header you will find a link to a document store which holds all signed off documentation mentioned above.

To access the repository please use your SSO/ECF2 log on and password. Brokers please contact the Xchanging service centre if you require assistance in obtaining a SSO profile for the purposes of accessing the document repository.

Changes being delivered by the ECF Binders project will impact CWS (Claims Workflow System) and CWT (Claims Workflow Trigger) – (circular will be attached here when released)

To support this circular, here are the specification documents:

Overview of impact:

The current available version of CWT in production is v1.0. This will continue to be available up until the implementation of the ECF Binders project, at which point it will be withdrawn.A secondary CWT version, v1.1 was delivered to production in the December 2017 strategic release and is available to Carriers on request.The ECF Binders project will deliver a further version of CWT, v1.2 which is expected to be available Q4 2018.

The full specification detailing the changes in CWT v1.1, v1.2 and CWS are available here:

Allocate User Guide v3.3

DEL054 Notify Functional Specification v3.10

DEL180 Notify User Guide v3.14